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At STUDIO_M, we believe in a symbiotic relationship between designer and photographer. In some ways, a photographer needs to function as an extension of the designer, only adding a little bit of special sauce at the end. All the while, a sprinkle of knowledge about packaging technology and print processes is useful. Which is why it’s good to know that STUDIO_M has actual experience with both. Olivier and Wimer set up specific workflows, sometimes using multiple sets at our spacious studio. Keeping post production in house, they’ll keep in close contact with a dream team of designers and retouchers as well. The designs for packaging aren’t created overnight. At STUDIO_M we understand that a designer requires a very distinct skillset from a photographer to make the image fit in the design as he envisioned it. The photographer is an extension of the designer in this process, adding his own special sauce to the packaging, making the food product look appetizing and beautiful, and fitting it in the sometimes complex designs with logos, illustrations, text boxes, info blocks, quality marks, certifications, and so on. An understanding of packaging technology and print processes is also useful, as well as some experience with designing. We are very experienced with this food packaging photography workflow and we can work very efficiently in our spacious studio by working on multiple sets simultaneously. With the post production of packaging photography we have built up many years of expertise and we keep short lines between designer, photographer and retoucher.