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Food Videos at STUDIO_M

Over the last few years we have been focusing on the production of culinary videos. Expanding into this new discipline and making the food move across the screen has been magical. Just like with food photography, with food film we can supply our customers with a package deal, including conceptualisation, recipe writing, storyboarding and in-house post production, like video editing and color grading. This way, clients can save costs. Meetings, briefings and preparations are tackled together in one effective, time saving swoop. For years now, STUDIO_M has been perfecting the art of cost efficiency. Whether Olivier and Wimer take up duties on their own, or they get their network of (freelance) editors, food stylists, (motion) graphic designers, animators, colorists, visual and special effect specialists involved. Always focussing on the client’s needs, our team will help you visualize your project from A to Z. With a deep understanding of visual language, we will give your product shots a double dose of stopping power.