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At Studio_M, we have delved into the process of food video production in recent years. Throughout our journey of discovery, we have addressed various aspects such as editing and post-production. By being able to handle many tasks ourselves in our small food videography agency, we maximise your time. If necessary, we are also happy to utilize our network of stylists, graphic designers, and other professionals for your food video content.

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Ideally situated location in Amsterdam

Our studio for food video content in Amsterdam is easily accessible by car. You can park right in front of our studio for free. Additionally, we are located near the A10 highway. If you prefer to come by bike or public transportation, our location is also ideal. Our food videography agency is situated close to the city center and near Sloterdijk train station. Furthermore, there is a hotel across the street where you can potentially stay to oversee our work as food photographers.

STUDIO_M services all your food video needs

Our specialism in food video production

You can rely on our food videography agency to deliver stunning results. After our learning journey, we have acquired expertise in all aspects of food videos, including lighting, editing, color grading, and other forms of post-production. As a result, we offer you complete service when it comes to creating food videos. It’s also beneficial for you to combine food video production with a photoshoot, allowing us to consolidate all meetings and briefings into one session. This way, our food videography agency is happy to help you save costs.

Creation of the most beautiful images

It’s understandable that you may not know where to begin when it comes to creating food videos, as how do you translate the amazing taste of your product into visuals? Our food video agency assists you throughout the entire food video production and food branding process, from brainstorming and recipe development to arranging freelancers or test shoots. By taking your ideas into account, we realise your project exactly according to your wishes, whether we’re photographing food or photographing beverages. Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends in food video production and food content, we can provide excellent advice.

Engage with us into a collaborative project

When you collaborate with our food videography agency to create videos, you can expect excellent results within a limited time frame. Thanks to our expertise in food video production and food photography, our enthusiastic team beautifully captures your product on screen. To have food videos made, contact us by sending an email to info@studiom.email or by calling +31 20 686 79 78. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on food video content.