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Promotievideo voor het Smart Whip slagroom dispenser systeem
Stella Artois Bier Video
Vrij werk, gemaakt in onze studio in Amsterdam.
Food Huggers Avocado Huggers Video
Caffitesse Coffee machine b2b marketing video

Food Video content

New territory with food videos

For the past few years, we at STUDIO_M, have been educating ourselves on the complete process of creating food film content on a budget. And, we’re not shy to say, with some merit!

The research journey on food video creation has been quite an interesting one; exploring different camera types, light sources, editing and colour grading software for videos, and hi-end computer systems for post production of food videos.

With Olivier Mul and Wimer Meijer working as a small team on a video from beginning to end, we can keep short lines, work fast, stay focussed, and get the most out of a client's time.

But of course, if needed, we can extend the core team. We have a network of editors, food stylists, (motion) graphics designers, animators, colorists, visual- and special effects specialists.

One-stop-shop for food videos

Just like with food photography, we can supply our customers with a food film package deal, including conceptualisation, recipe writing, storyboarding and in-house post production (like editing videos and color grading videos).

It can be very lucrative for a client to combine a photo shoot with video production (done simultaneously or in succession). The meetings, briefings, and preparations can be combined, and costs on freelancers like food stylists, as well as studio rent can be reduced by clustering activities.

Creating food content and visual concepts

Of course, a client doesn’t always know where to begin, or what exactly to communicate visually. Pre-production work like brainstorming, conceptualisation, developing recipes and test shoots are also possible at STUDIO_M. Arranging recording locations, models, freelancers, etc. is also part of our repertoire.

Always focussing on (and listening carefully to) the story of the client’s product, the photographer / food styling team at STUDIO_M can help visualise your specific needs for your project.

With a deep understanding of visual language, and always being up to date on the latest styles, we can advise on what it takes to achieve maximum efficiency with image stopping power.

Ideally situated food film location in Amsterdam

Our food-photography studio’s location is ideal for clients and food stylists visiting by car, because we are so close to the ring of Amsterdam and there’s free parking right in front of the photostudio!

For clients who want to reach their food video production at our studio by public transportation or bike: we’re also close to Amsterdam's city centre and Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station.

One of Amsterdam's many nice hotels is across the street from our studio, so if necessary, clients can stay overnight nearby, to oversee their culinary production with maximum time efficiency.