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Creative content voor Kanzi appels

11 April 2022 | wimer meijer

Een appeltje voor de dorst

Creative content voor Kanzi

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01 February 2022 | wimer meijer

Creative work for food packaging

Close-up photo's for Vedgy Kitchens new packaging

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01 December 2021 | wimer meijer

JDE Professional Kalea 2.0

New photo's and video's for b2b marketing

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Cocktail photography STUDIO_M Amsterdam

30 September 2021 | wimer meijer

Cocktails fotoshoot met Olivier en Oliver (en Wimer)

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Personal care product photo

10 August 2021 | wimer meijer

Toby's product photography with a twist

Six creative visuals for household product manufacturer

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15 July 2021 | wimer meijer

STUDIO_M shortlisted for photography awards!!!

We were selected top 10 in the stills photography category of the Production Paradise Awards 2021

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Glas of bubble tea with foam on the top on pink and purple surface creative food photography by STUDIO_M

25 June 2021 | wimer meijer

Visual concept for SmartWhip

The team at SmartWhip asked us to develop a visual style for them to showcase their recipes online.

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Close-up of drinks styling by STUDIO_M photography

30 May 2021 | wimer meijer

Gosto beverage photography

Case study for packaging design agency

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15 May 2021 | wimer meijer

Food video for socials Koopmans

Nederlandse bakproductenfabrikant liet een van zijn lekkerste recepten door STUDIO_M in deze leuke video vastleggen

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21 April 2021 | wimer meijer

Article about pack shots on marketingfacts.nl

STUDIO_M gevraagd door marketingfacts.nl voor input artikel over productfotografie voor webshops

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13 April 2021 | wimer meijer

Bulleit Whiskey video

Pioneering liquids video, from concept to edit, produced fully in house

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03 March 2021 | wimer meijer

Tea photography for Pickwick packaging

Perfect mix between photography and retouching

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15 February 2021 | wimer meijer

Photography for upcoming fashion designer

We took care of both concept and photography for Quint Verhaart's prize winning design.

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15 December 2020 | wimer meijer

Photography of redesign Zonnatura packaging

Case study of new designs Zonnatura by Now Even Better

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14 November 2020 | wimer meijer

Experiment with motion and perspective

Foodstyling / fotografie collaboration with Grace Allaart

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03 October 2020 | wimer meijer

Koopmans packaging redesign

We were commissioned to create the photographs for Koopmans complete line of packaging.

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15 January 2020 | wimer meijer

Product fotografie voor huismerk Blokker

Nieuwe samenwerking voor pack shots van Blokkers huishoudelijke artikelen voor op de nieuwe verpakkingen.

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Gril meister

04 October 2019 | wimer meijer

Caribbean Grillhouse

We were commissioned to shoot the complete menu for Lelystad based Caribbean chef Roderick.

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Food stylist fotografie van verschillende groepsfoto's gemaakt door Studio_m Fotograaf Amsterdam

26 March 2019 | Wimer Meijer


It’s been over two weeks, but we’d still like to thank everybody for coming. We had a blast!!! And of course, share the polaroids taken at the party with you.

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Drinks stylist photography of L'or espresso cups with a glass of coffee made by Studio_m Photography Amsterdam

03 January 2019 | wimer meijer


The moment has come; after 20 years at Chris Hutter Fotostudio, Olivier Mul, who was a joint-partner for 14 years, is now taking over the studio.

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Recepten boekje met smoothies, fotografie door STUDIO_M

13 July 2017 | Wimer Meijer

Coolbest smoothies cross media campaign

A branding agency assigned us to create the photographs that needed to be applicable for multiple end-uses.

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Food packaging photography of three of Samhoud's vegetable burgers made by Studio_m Photography Amsterdam

17 May 2017 | wimer meijer

Food photography for the packaging of &SAMHOUD FOOD

Via design consultant Mas Peters, we were assigned to create the food photography for 4 new vegetarian products of &SAMHOUD FOOD.

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Food photography styling of pastrami sandwiches made by Studio_m Photography Amsterdam

12 May 2017 | wimer meijer


The tasty pastrami sandwich below “served” in a New York deli, was actually shot in our Amsterdam studio. Experimenting with the theory “what you see is not always what your get”.

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